Whether architects, designers or private individuals, our range of products HI-MACS® Acrylic Solid Surface appeals to everyone wishing to work with a high capacity material as aesthetically pleasing as it is

Benefits & Features

Seamless Perfection

HI-MACS® allows for visually seamless manipulation. Smooth integration enables large areas without joints or edges as well as flush mounting of sinks or bowls. Not only do objects made from this solid surface material appear to be works of art cast from a single mould, the material’s seamless manipulation and non porous nature create surfaces which are extremely hygienic, easy-to-clean and thus ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories. The seamless finish also allows for repair and replacement without a visible trace should any part of a HI-MACS® installation be damaged at any time.

Three Dimensional Design

HI-MACS® boasts a simple heating process and three-dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities. This allows for greater forming flexibility compared with other conventional materials so that spectacular ideas can quickly take on a concrete shape. No radius, shape or angle is impossible. The logical conclusion: a material that moulds to your idea and designs – not the other way around. Exactly how it should be.

Dramatic Translucency

Certain colors and thicknesses of HI-MACS? exhibit a special translucency when exposed to light. Various textures and patterns can be built into the material to intensify the HI-MACS? translucency effect. Depending on the light source, pattern and design, spectacular cut-out effects can add visual interest and create a completely new sense of space. The translucent properties of this solid surface material make it the perfect choice for lamps and illuminated furnishings

Design Facade

HI-MACS® can give shape and form to virtually any of your design ideas. New dimensions are opening up now: Just take the countless advantages offered by HI-MACS® outside, and use the material of possibilities to design facades as well.

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